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Welcome to my website.

I received a Masters degree in Library Science (MSLS) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Spring 2010. I then volunteered at Chapel Hill Public Library, where I also acted as a consultant on their RFID implementation. In August 2011, I joined the staff of Renfro Library at Mars Hill University as a Reference Librarian. I love it. In addition to assisting students at the reference desk, I teach research skills and information literacy (a.k.a. "Why do you trust everything you Google?") to upper-level Music, Art and Theatre classes, and to first-year English classes. I also design exhibitions every one-to-two years, with past subjects including music, playing cards, unusual books, maps, and music again.

I have a portfolio of library exhibitions, course content guides, Web work, print, and packaging design, categorized in the column to the left.

If you're as passionate about digital music (or data) longevity as I am, this article about CD rot may interest you. I was interviewed by the Associated Press about my knowledge of best practices for storing and using optical digital media (e.g., CDs and DVDs). The story ran in hundreds of newspapers, and a subsequent article in USA Today kicked off another wave of interest, leading to coverage in numerous additional papers and magazines, including Rolling Stone.

The best part of the whole circus was being invited to share my data with the Library of Congress, which was undertaking a significant study of the issue in anticipation of possibly moving its holdings to digital media. (It also just might have had some influence on my decision to enroll in grad school in pursuit of an MSLS degree.) And the worst part? I learned some lessons about the fallibility of the news media, and got very tired of seeing myself photographed and (mis)quoted. But if nothing else, at least the basic fact, that CDs and DVDs do not last forever, was conveyed. It is a complex issue with many facets that is still debated today; I wrote my Master's thesis on the subject.

Enough from me. I hope you enjoy the site!

--Dan Koster

Updated Apr. 2, 2018

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