5. Venantius Fortunatus. "Crux mihi certa salus [Carmen V.a]," c. 550-600.
Published here in: Marc Reydellet, editor. Venance Fortunat: Poèmes, tome I, livres I-IV. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1994.
Davis Library.

Venantius Fortunatus was a prominent poet and hymn writer of the Merovingian Frankish court of the sixth century, which itself was a beacon of intellectual activity in the so-called Dark Ages. In this, his most famous poem, he extends the tradition of labyrinthi cubici by combining it with the tradition of shaped poetry. The result is four lines in praise of the cross, reading from the center to the corners, arranged in the overall shape of a cross. It has been copied and reprinted throughout the centuries, even giving rise to a cross-poem amulet fad in eighteenth-century Germany.

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