12. Hrabanus Maurus. "Astsoboles domini et dominus dominantium ubiq: hic," also called "De imagine Christi in modum Crucis...," c. 835.
Published here in: Magnentii Rabani Mauri de laudibus sanctae crucis opus, eruditione versu prosaq; mirificum. Augustæ Vindelicorum, 1605.
Rare Book Collection Folio.Presented by Dr. John G. Kunstman.

Here is the Christ poem again, as typeset in 1605. While lacking the human touch of the manuscript, it certainly improves the legibility of the main poem and its several intexts. The briefest intext surrounds Christ's head, containing the letters Alpha, Mu, and Omega from the Greek alphabet. Alpha being the first letter, Omega the last, and Mu representing the middle, these three letters evoke the words attributed to Christ in the Bible, "I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end." The corona around the head is a second poem; Christ's head and garment the third and fourth; and a fifth weaves in a complicated manner around the perimeter of the body. In the midst of admiring the overall complexity of the work, one might notice the placement of the letter "O" at Christ's navel — a rare example of humor in religious art.

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