13. Hrabanus Maurus. "Salve sancta salus Christi o tu passio laeta [Carmen III]," c. 835.
Published here in: Magnencij Rabani Mauri De lavdib[us] Sanctae Crucis opus Eruditione versu prosaq[ue] mirificum. Phorçheim: Thomas Anshelm, 1503.
Rare Book Collection Folio.Presented by the Hanes Foundation for the Study of the Origin and Development of the Book. (Physical exhibit displays facsimile.)

Maurus's facility with multiple levels of symbolism is exemplified by this poem. The overall text is in praise of the cross; the large red letters read "SALVS CRVX" — salvation cross — and the words cross each other to form yet another cross. Furthermore, the small red letters within each large red letter spell out pertinent words, e.g. "cherubim" in the R, "virtutes" in the C, and "arcangeli" in the V of CRVX. Maurus cheats a bit with the overly large A and N in the X's "angeli" each spanning two lines, or the large "E"s doing the same in the C and R, but touches like this are part of what set him apart from his progenitors.

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