14. Hrabanus Maurus. "Omnipotens virtus maiestas alta sabaoth [Carmen XXVIII]," c. 835.
Published here in: Magnencij Rabani Mauri De lavdib[us] Sanctae Crucis opus Eruditione versu prosaq[ue] mirificum. Phorçheim: Thomas Anshelm, 1503.
Rare Book Collection Folio. Presented by the Hanes Foundation for the Study of the Origin and Development of the Book. (Physical exhibit displays facsimile.)

In this, the concluding poem of De laudibus sanctae crucis, Maurus depicts himself as a supplicant kneeling before the cross, as if thanking it for inspiring all the preceding poems. It is worth noting in this 1503 typesetting that the block of letters surrounding the figure of Maurus are noticeably heavier than the letters on the rest of the page. Possibly this indicates that this particular block was printed at a different time than the rest of the poem, with more ink or more pressure applied. The serifs and shapes of the letterforms also appear to be slightly different, however, which raises the possibility that the printer may have reused this text block from an earlier typesetting (perhaps even someone else's) to avoid having to reset this complicated area.

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