37. Jenny Holzer. Excerpts from "Survival" series, 1983.
Published here in: Diane Waldman, editor. Jenny Holzer. New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; H.N. Abrams, 1997. Second edition.
Sloane Art Library.

Jenny Holzer's work has been consistently textual in nature, but she has used many conventional and unconventional media to convey her words. The contents of the Survival series (some of which are pictured here) are short, isolated thoughts — poems, even — displayed in public on LED screens. The venues where they were displayed included the sides of moving buses, highway street signs, sports stadiums during games, and on the famous LED screen in Times Square in New York City. The incongruence of looking at a sign where one expects to see advertising, stock market rates, or sports scores, and instead being confronted with a non sequitur like "What urge will save us now that sex won't?" is a necessary part of experiencing Holzer's poems. They cause one to think not only about the strange thought they have just read, but perhaps also about what they were expecting to see there instead, and how the two compare.

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