Flat tabletop case  •  149cm x 63cm

35. "Picture to be made at a 90° angle..." by Ronald Johnson (c. 1972)
36. "Ceiling Painting," by Yoko Ono (1966)
37. "Survival," by Jenny Holzer (1983)
38. "The Nursery Frieze," by Edward Gorey (1964)
39. "Oblique Strategies," by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt (1975-1996)

With the birth of Conceptual art in the 1960s, boundaries between different media became increasingly porous and even arbitrary. Visual poetry was as affected as any other artistic genre by the new "anything goes" nature of creative expression in the Modern / Postmodern era.

Conceptual art was born of artists presenting things not previously defined as "art" and asking the question, "Couldn't this be art, too?" Visual poetry of the latter half of the twentieth century seems to ask, in a similar fashion, "What is poetry? Couldn't this be poetry, too?"

Accordingly, a number of artists (poets?) have taken visual poetry in new directions by divorcing it from the printed page. In this brief, concluding section of the exhibit, new media for visual poetry are explored: poetry as concept, as action, as advertising, as ambience, and as advice.

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