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Cocktail Hour

Bugs in the System

Planets : Venus

Say What?

Horse Doovers

Diode Gumbo

New Glasses

Microbes a-Go-Go

Groovy, Maaan

Alien Formica

Cocoloco Island

Planets : Saturn

Dwerps & Flurbs

Planets : Mercury

Salon des Fleurs

Caribou Lodge

Jeff Glover, the Web guru from the Midwest who moved to San Francisco to help Chris Kitze get up and running, has a sideline business creating DIY Web template kits. Each CD-ROM contains 250 predesigned "themes" (backgrounds, buttons and headers) which are configurable in any of 10 layouts, for a total of 2,500 possibilities...not to mention that more Web-savvy purchasers can mix and match elements from different themes.

I believe Jeff did Vol.1 singlehandedly. When work on Vol.2 began to run late (which is completely understandable given the enormity of his responsibilities as Webmaster for XOOM) he looked for outside designers to help complete the project.

Jeff asked me to join in, and I in turn asked Matthew Keller, with whom I'd collaborated on prior freelance projects. (There was also a third designer, but we never met.) In the end, the CD-ROM was purchased and distributed by XOOM, but there is otherwise no connection between this work and my work for XOOM itself.

In the short space of about two weeks, Matthew and I contributed more than 100 themes to the final CD-ROM. Sixteen of these themes are represented by the thumbnails above. Twelve are primarily my conception/execution and four are primarily Matthew's, but we frequently passed ideas and designs back and forth, so that by pooling our strengths we could finish a greater number of designs.

In summary: The code, text, and layout you see in each "starter site" is by Jeff Glover. The graphics are by Dan Koster and Matthew Keller. And, just maybe, you'll catch a glimpse of Kàné, personal grooming assistant to Mr. Koster.

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