I was a senior designer and site architect at XOOM.com (a premier provider of free Web space) during its last year of operation, as it merged with Snap.com (a popular search engine) and was then integrated into NBCi.com (NBC Interactive.) Click for screenshots, animated banners and more.

Moreau Catholic High School

As in-house designer for the department of Institutional Advancement, I wrote, designed and programmed several areas of the MCHS Web site, including alumni feedback forms and an online donation system on a secure server. Click for screenshots and writing samples.

Web Site Templates 250

Web guru Jeff Glover asked me and Matthew Keller to contribute "instant Web site" designs to Volume 2 of his popular CD-ROM Templates 250 series. Working in close collaboration, Matthew and I developed over 100 of the final designs. Click for samples.

Snickering Lemming

My personal site, online since 1996. This portfolio is one of the featured sections, and the only section open as of April 2002 (as the rest undergo heavy renovation.)

Click to see the "splash screens" (most with animation) employed from 1996 to the present.

Also click if you're wondering, what does a lemming have to snicker about?

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