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One of my main duties at Moreau was to expand their existing Web site to increase alumni participation and online donations. I worked with a company called Schoolyard who specialize in "plug and play" Web modules for schools. These modules are written in HTML and ColdFusion, and interface with a back-end database on Moreau's server.

I redesigned the front end of each module to reflect Moreau's look and feel, then wrote a summary page leading to each of these features, which is what you see here. I've broken it into two pieces, as it's a long page.

HTML, ColdFusion, Photoshop

This is the second half of the Alumni summary page, featuring an online "Alumni Update" form to gather data from visiting alumni for Moreau's database. I added JavaScript validation functions to Schoolyard's ColdFusion code to ensure that necessary fields were filled out with recognizable data.

For the page represented in these first two examples, I wrote 95% of the text. (More on writing, below.)

HTML, ColdFusion, JavaScript, Photoshop

Fundraising Page

An important duty within my position in Institutional Advancement, corollary to print and Web design, was writing text for fundraising materials. It required mastery of a broad spectrum of tones of voice, from explanatory to beeseeching to optimistic to enthusiastic to subtly guilt-inducing...and always cordial and professional. Here on the Fundraising main page, I explain on behalf of Moreau why it is still necessary to seek gifts from constituents and alumni, even with much funding coming from other sources. I have included only the first portion of the page, of which I wrote about 70%.

HTML, Photoshop

Online Giving Form

If any of the fundraising pitches elsewhere on the MCHS site have been successful, this is where visitors wind up...making a pledge for future payment or a direct donation billable to their credit card. This required the use of Schoolyard's own secure server, as well as their ColdFusion code. Again, I added JavaScript validation functions to ensure proper data processing, and designed the page to be identical in look and feel to the rest of Moreau's site even though it resides on a different server.

HTML, ColdFusion, JavaScript, Photoshop

Online Giving Response

This response screen is nothing much to look at, but is only the beginning of a greater process which, unfortunately, I cannot duplicate here. Schoolyard designed a response system which automatically thanks visitors (via email) for their contributions, asks them exactly X months later for another, and/or prompts them to make timely payments towards their pledges. I supplied the text for these various emails which, when generated with the judicious use of variables from Moreau's database, look like personal correspondence from the President of Moreau.

HTML, ColdFusion, email...

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