Snickering Lemming has been my home site since 1996. In 1999 I invited California designer and sometime Microsoft employee Matthew Keller to share the domain, both to save costs and to create the opportunity to work together. In addition to the design portfolio you are currently viewing, features the usual personal trappings: writings and observations, pop culture rants & raves, music and book reviews, photos, links, etc.

Currently (as of April 2002) most of is under heavy reconstruction, in preparation to unveil version 4.0. Below are the splash screens for versions 1-3, to give a flavor of how the site design has evolved through the years.

Splash Screen 3.0 (2000)

Interactive cityscape developed with Matthew Keller. In part, the dark and decaying city was born from imagining what might happen if the slick graphics of a typically flashy Web site actually aged over the years like structures in the physical world.

The artwork is a collaborative effort; the HTML and JavaScript behind the scenes is wholly my doing.

Splash Screen 2.0 (1999)

Conceptually this design was born at the same time as the cityscape above, but we executed and deployed this one first. In these "woodcut" illustrations (actually completely mouse-drawn in Photoshop) we take a different approach to the districts of the same city, as if looking through 19th century eyes at 21st century structures.

Splash Screen 1.0 (1996)

Here is a sample of my very first, very minimal site design. Thrill! to the mesmerizing spinning letter matrices. Swoon! at my audacity in using two fonts that really don't belong together. Gasp! in horror at the inelegance of the HTML and JavaScript I was just learning at the time. Retch! at my (then) trendy use of all-lowercase type. Yes, I tried to be a proper hax0r d00d, but in the end, my love of good spelling and proper grammar was simply too strong.

Ask not for whom the lemming snickers...

So, what is that name about, anyway?

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