Free Web Space Banner Ads

Midsize banner ads taking two different, but related, approaches to's free Web services.



Miniature eye-grabbers for XOOM's front door (changed daily.)

Photoshop, ImageReady, GifBuilder

Fantasy Football Composite

Modified screen capture of the Fantasy Football page I built and maintained weekly. pages were regularly peppered with dozens of different ads, for both XOOM services and paid advertisers. In this example, I have filled the Football page exclusively with ads I designed – the Auction buttons, the 500MB banner, the XOOM/Sandbox logo, the pennant and scoreboard icons...everything but the company logos are my creation.

HTML, PHP, Photoshop, ImageReady

Football Banner

Animated banner advertising the above page.

ImageReady, Photoshop

A Lott To Say

Ronnie Lott wrote a weekly column for the Fantasy Football page, which ran beneath this graphic. We had various XOOM shirts but no football jersies, so I Photoshopped in the product placement.



A browser navigation bar appended to all free member pages, which I maintained daily. (Click for more information...)

HTML, PHP, Photoshop

Member Services

Another page I designed and maintained.

HTML, PHP, Photoshop

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